Pentacles – Witches jewelry and tools

Pentacles – Witches jewelry and tools – beautiful silver and gold pentacles and wands. Many witches use tools and symbols to help them with their craft. The most useful is the pentacle – this is a star with 5 sides – it is called a pentagram when it is drawn as a symbol. Silver pentacle pendants are worn for protection and to help with spell casting. A pentacle has a pointed end up and is symbolic of the power of spirit which is the power of controlling the elements. The symbols is often carved, etched or scribed as a symbols of power. Witches of a coven – the symbol is often drawn in the air to invoke or banish energies. The 5 points of the pentagram represent earth, water, fire, and air – the fifth point – the one at the top represents the spirit.

Female energy in a silver pentacle

silver pentacle - female energies

A pentacle in silver represents the moon’s female energies psychic powers. In gold the pentacle represents the suns male energies of power and strength.

Beautiful silver witches symbols in gold and silver. Pentacle pendants and pendulums made in South Africa.

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  1. Dana says:

    Where can I find decent silver pagan jewellery ?
    I have been battling to find.

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