African Witches – spells and potions

What is African Witchcraft?

Witches in Africa are sometimes known as witch doctors. In Zulu, a bad witch is known as “umthakathi” This is a witch that practices black magic, or uses spells and his or power to do harm and mischief. They will use “Imimoya emibi” (evil spirits) for their magic. A sangoma, or isangoma is a practitioner that uses wisdom and advice from their ancestors (amadlozi). Voodoo is practiced in many places in Africa – witchcraft in Africa is a queer mix of culture, Christianity and ancient African traditions and beliefs.

Traditional healers and herbalists (iNyanga) deal with the healing aspects of problems caused by Imimoya emibi. A sangoma is there only to diagnose the illness or problem. Voodoo magic is often used to find love, mediums are asked how to lift a curse. Curses, magic potions and other magical spells are used to create financial stability spells and to drive evil spirits away. Practitioners use fortunetelling with voodoo traditions and voodoo psychic mediums to achieve their ends.

Pagans and Wicca – the western form of witchcraft is quite different from African witchcraft. Sorcery,  practiced by a sorcerer or sorceress can be as powerful as African witchcraft. A witch will use wands, pentacles, pentagrams, while a witchdoctor is more likely to use natural elements such as herbs, bones, body parts and poisons. They will also enlist the help of animals, possessing the animal and using it to do their bidding – the Tokoloshe, an African creature similar to the western gremlin, is often enlisted to help an evil African witch. Sorcery makes use of spells for just about anything, as does witchcraft -  spells to make someone fall in love with you, and out of love – spells for money and power. Revenge spells are cast by bad witchdoctors. Magic is not only about casting spells – it is a lifestyle and involves a lot more than what people know about – what we see and hear is the tip of the iceberg. Many ask how to spell, but without a solid knowledge of witchcraft, these simple, easy spells are mostly useless – this does not stop many from trying to find out the secrets from African witches and western witches.

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