African Witchcraft – Sangoma rituals

African Witchcraft – Sangoma rituals

Witchcraft in Africa is very different to witchcraft elsewhere in the world. Spell making can sometimes be quite gruesome – the use of body parts is prevalent – human and animal. Although the good Sangomas, witches and traditional healers will not use human body parts, animal body parts are a common feature of many types of spells. The name for this is “MUTI” – and many Africans attest the the powerful nature of muti – including soccer players who will use muti before a big game. Unfortunately muti is used in many illegal activities – crooks and thieves will also make use of a witch doctor and buy muti to stop bullets.Many Sangoma rituals involve live animals and body parts – anything from chickens to rare African Animals.

The witchcraft business is alive and flourishing. Most people in Africa have, at one time or another, made use of a witchdoctor or traditional healer. It is believed that these practitioners work with the ancestors – and ancestor worship is huge – even amongst staunch African Christians. In the cities and towns herbalists and witches ply their trade – selling love spells and money spells. Being educated and first coldish does not stop most people with a cultural background from using the services of Sangomas. The Sangoma rituals are taboo and not discussed by anyone – almost like they are off limits – which means that witchdoctors using cruel techniques do not get found out. Like the elephant in the room – everybody knows – but nobody says anything – the line between black magic and white magic in African Witchcraft can sometimes be very blurred. One has to ask – when a traditional healer is asked for muti stop bullets – has he crossed to the dark side? – A spell for soccer players is, for all intents and purposes, harmless – but a when a criminal is using muti – the healer becomes an accessory.

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