Professors of Magic

Professors of Magic – why do African healers, sangomas and witchdoctors call themselves professors? – Are they really qualified in anything – somehow I doubt it – more like self professed professors. These dealers in magic, potions and spells seem to offer a cure for anything from a small penis to aids. The profess (now I get it) to be able to make a spell to stop bullets, will help you with a revenge spell, a spell to get a lost love back and even spells for soccer players to do better! A clairvoyant and psychic in Johannesburg also calls herself a professor, and a traditional healer – professor of what – and the mix of African culture and western magic is quite an accomplishment.

They promise the world to desperate people – any spell to do anything you desire – or a spell for any occasion? – what is that – and the spell to stop bullets, is that for the police to use or criminals – although with the number of illegal guns floating around may it should be a basic human right. A spell for soccer players, wonder which football clubs offer those magic potions as an employment benefit. The black magic practitioners offer poison potions and the aids potions – one has to wonder how many of these are sold to unsuspecting South Africans, and how many wives find out that they do not work! Maybe a psychic in Johannesburg, or a clairvoyant should check these guys out – see if they are for real!

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