Love spells

Love spells and muti for love

Anyone have any good love spells? A binding love spell is the most popular spell in South Africa ( muti for love)- witchdoctors must make a fortune off of this particular binding spell – even more than money spells – so if anyone have a good, free love spell let us know – maybe we can sell it online! African witchcraft is quite different to other types of witchcraft – the throwing of the bones is similar to the throwing of the runes – but I reckon all similarities stop there – they do use incantations though. Sangoma rituals are very protected – and one knows why when one sees that evil witchdoctors do not hesitate to use body parts of children – good witchdoctors will not – but they will not hesitate to use protected species – so there is a good reason not to tell the world what happens in a Sangoma ritual. The use of body parts and live animals is know as muti – pretty much the same as a spell.

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