Professors of Magic

Professors of Magic – why do African healers, sangomas and witchdoctors call themselves professors? – Are they really qualified in anything – somehow I doubt it – more like self professed professors. These dealers in magic, potions and spells seem to offer a cure for anything from a small penis to aids. The profess (now I get it) to be able to make a spell to stop bullets, will help you with a revenge spell, a spell to get a lost love back and even spells for soccer players to do better! A clairvoyant and psychic in Johannesburg also calls herself a professor, and a traditional healer – professor of what – and the mix of African culture and western magic is quite an accomplishment.

They promise the world to desperate people – any spell to do anything you desire – or a spell for any occasion? – what is that – and the spell to stop bullets, is that for the police to use or criminals – although with the number of illegal guns floating around may it should be a basic human right. A spell for soccer players, wonder which football clubs offer those magic potions as an employment benefit. The black magic practitioners offer poison potions and the aids potions – one has to wonder how many of these are sold to unsuspecting South Africans, and how many wives find out that they do not work! Maybe a psychic in Johannesburg, or a clairvoyant should check these guys out – see if they are for real!

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Love spells

Love spells and muti for love

Anyone have any good love spells? A binding love spell is the most popular spell in South Africa ( muti for love)- witchdoctors must make a fortune off of this particular binding spell – even more than money spells – so if anyone have a good, free love spell let us know – maybe we can sell it online! African witchcraft is quite different to other types of witchcraft – the throwing of the bones is similar to the throwing of the runes – but I reckon all similarities stop there – they do use incantations though. Sangoma rituals are very protected – and one knows why when one sees that evil witchdoctors do not hesitate to use body parts of children – good witchdoctors will not – but they will not hesitate to use protected species – so there is a good reason not to tell the world what happens in a Sangoma ritual. The use of body parts and live animals is know as muti – pretty much the same as a spell.

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Witches in South Africa

The western witch community in South Africa is a small group. Witches in South Africa can be classified into several broad groups. The largest group of witches in South Africa, and indeed Africa, are the so called “tribal healers” or “witch doctors”. Many of these so called witches are nothing more than power brokers of some sort. Responsible for the killing of many people in South Africa and Africa.

Their reason – they are killing witches. Witchcraft killings in Africa have reached alarming proportions, bigger than the witch hunts of the old west, these mostly innocent people are killed in the most macabre ways. In Uganda 300 people were executed as witches in one village in one day, and in the following weeks more than 800 people were killed. The magic healers, or magic practitioners use the label of witch for many reasons – political enemies are often the victims. The largest group of victims, by far though, are woman. Often buried alive or subjected to trial by ordeal, they have been killed in their thousands over the last decade. In South Africa, isidliso is particularly prevelant – this is the “black poisen” created by evil witches to kill others.

With monotheistic religions, like Christianity, mixed with ancient African beliefs, holding most Africans in its sway, it is easy for this form of belief to have catastrophic results. The belief that a healer can control nature by casting spells or using secret incantations gives enormous power to healers. Monotheistic religions still push a belief of a universe that has some sort of spirit being, being in control – whether that be demons or angels.

Witchcraft in South Africa, western witchcraft, is practised by woman, and they are known a Pagans. The craft is called Wicca. This is mostly practiced by white people. With a base belief of : “An it harm none, do as ye will” this practise is mostly harmless, working towards compassion, respect and empathy for others. Pagans use powerful symbols like the pentacle to help with their craft. Silver pentacle pendants are often worn as a symbol of female energy and in gold as male energy. Any spells that a witch throws, like love spells, does not exert power over others but rather power over oneself. Wiccans or Pagans practise their witchcraft all over the world.

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